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Interested in Joining Broken Limits Media?

Are you a fairly experienced

programer, artist, modeler, or audio designer?

Do you breath air, blink, and occasionally eat stuff?

Join BLM, a real game developer!

Broken Limits Media members are

legit, serious, and working towards a common goal.

Quality Game Development.

Contact us if you’re interested in joining a quality game developer for any of the following reasons:

  • Portfolio Building
  • Royalties
  • Reputation
  • Resume Building
  • Hobbyist Projects
  • Possible Employment

If you’re interested in joining a real Game Developer, please fill out the form below. Please send a detailed message in the Message section. Check all skills that apply. Add any additional information that you think will help in our decision to adding you to the team. Thank you.

See our project, The Undead Castle on IndieDB.com

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